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Boat transom bad

boat transom bad Those 4 Strokes are a little heaver than the 2 strokes of the 90's. first, understand that rot is a bacteria, it keeps spreading unless killed or removed completely. So I was reading some of the boat on the key west boat Facebook page and a gentleman was asking about what transom were people using on the 1720. The transom of a power boat is the strongest part of the vessel. New boat builders are usually the only source for a replacement transom. Any movement is an indication the transom core is shot. That said, if a transom mount is located and mounted properly, it should work fine at slow speeds and still offer The transom of this vessel is made of three – yes three – layers of 3/4″ Doug Fir marine plywood. Sent back to dealer for repairs. If it is vertical, the measurements will be the same as the AP. Floors are good for now, but i figure they will be next. ) It was kind of scary to see how bad mine was and that I had been using it before I realized something was not I mentioned earlier that I had hit something awhile back and had water leaking in through the transom seal - confirmed now. If the boat had a single motor well and wide deck cap, a cut through the cap (or removal of cap) would have probably been necessary in order to reach the entire inside of the transom. There is both good news and bad. My transom was wet but not punky and decided to just replace it. Just too small. When I bought my boat this spring the previous owner was quite proud of the brand new transom he had installed. Many popular makes such as Sea Ray, Riviera, Sunrunner and Mustang will all likely need a transom assembly replaced or repaired at some point. Over time cracks develop. Bow (opposite the transom) anchors to avoid conflicts between the transom hung anchor and the transom hung motor means that you are now backwards against the current - not so bad on big rivers without obstacles and for sure good on lakes? 3. The extra weight of the water your carrying may be the reason your not seeing the numbers you were hoping for. The original transom had a dip in the middle where the motor is mounted. Pretty much all boat builders used wood in the transom up until about 20 years ago. Providing a safe and reliable transport for every boat is easy with Wholesale Marine’s line of boat tie down straps which secure the boat’s transom to most trailers. You basically poor the new transom into place. Over time, wear and tear, and exposure to the elements, almost without fail, even the most well-built boat will end up with a rotted-out transom core. The elevator too the transom height to 20. Thinking that it might be tough to get all the air out of the layup when bonding them together, and also that it would be tough to get even clamping pressure by stacking weights on the thing, I opted to vacuum bag the transom layup. Ask your dealer to check the structural integrity of the transom. Vibrations are tearing it apart. I have used this to find a delaminated bottom on my race boat. The bending also caused some creasing because the cap was bent over both sides of the transom (which works against bending for the "U". This is the single most important part of an outboard boat, yet for some reason, it takes more abuse than any other part. On inboard and sterndrive boats, where transom flex is not as prevalent, a core sample can be taken from the inside of the transom to check for moisture or rot. who is my insurer. I only put about 10 hours on it last summer before I put it away to begin the winter project. Many people don’t realize that fiberglass boats are not always constructed of all fiberglass. Hopefully it gets figured out soon. One thing you may try is take a raw hide mallet and tap all around the transom. Good luck and may it be changed easily and without incident. Thinking that it might be tough to get all the air out of the layup when bonding them together, and also that it would be tough to get even clamping pressure by stacking weights on the thing, I opted to vacuum bag the transom layup. I ll add some do s and don ts at the end of it. If the boat is an I/O, that means removing the engine. Don't mount an outboard motor to a rickety transom. very rot resistant. Your situation may very well be a normal condition and not something to be concerned about. Additionally, how do I know if my boat transom is bad? If the boat is I/O powered, a typical sign of a bad transom is the appearance of stress cracks on I own a 1993 252 sailfish. To get to the entire transom, I had to cut the stringers and battery trays back a bit (about 8" on the stringers, about 12 at the battery trays). Lately I have been taking boat offshore in 3'-4' swells and the transom has no give at all. The next step in the rebuild is the removal of the old plywood core and inside fiberglass transom skin. Anybody need 9 of the 11"X34" access hatches? And the latches are they use now have been updated form 2003 - quite The great forces exerted between the engine and the hull come to a focus at the transom. I’ll be buying one this week…good thread. Ill post some pics and show off my beast. So that's the good news for me. Some posts might be more serious than others. Usually they will ask for pictures and an underwriter will have to approve it. After I installed a new transom, I could not rock the motor back and forth. Either way, I now knew the transom had to come out. My old 1998 Rebel was only on the water a week at a time then several weeks stored inside before the next week on the water. You can call Lund and have them send you the new transom board. I could throw the boat away (I really like the old girl). This device was designed and engineered by Malibu. As there is most likely a bellows lying full of water now, I would recommend pulling the drive, greasing the coupler splines and u-joints, and towel drying out the drive shaft bellows internals. If you want, you can then cover the transom in one nice layer of mat and cloth to make it nice and then gel it. My question is, why would stacer make a transom for long shaft motors that are clearly too low? The dealers mainly package these boats with long shaft 30 yammys and suzuki 30s. With an inboard drive, the shaft, rudder, and props are located on the underside of the boat, leaving the transom clear. I was reading old threads to help in my shopping for a replacement boat for my Stratos with the bad transom. On the downside, they also require you to cut a hole in the bottom of your boat. You can cut the skin off the outside of the transom, remove the core, replace, and then glass outside (reuse the outside skin if you can). Just a little info, the boat is a 73 Starcraft 18OB with an 85hp Chrysler outboard. By all means, get down on your back and look under the hull. You must however, be prepared to pull the boat from the water, and leave it out until the repairs can be properly completed. The turnbuckles break, The plate bosses wear out too easily, control arms snap and the shaft gets twisted. Outboard motors apply a considerable load to the transom. SEI has a very good technical article on performing a boat transom repair that can be found on this site. In the very worst case, you could always make a repair to the transom by bonding a new, external plywood transom in place, and cover it with laminates and gel coat. Im repairing this for a customer of mine. This boat is suppossed to go about 75 mph, so I don`t want to worry about strengh in the transom. As the prop moves further aft, it’s also likely to be in cleaner, “harder” water, and be more efficient. The aluminum plate was a back from an old electric look at and around the bolts that go thu the transom they connect the stringers and braces from the bottom of the boat to the transom (not talking about the motor bolts ) these are usually 12 or more 1/4" bolts with a Phillips head on the outside of boat a bad transom will freeze and swell up over the winter and bend the outer skin of the boat I went home with the boat and started digging in the wet area with a screwdriver and the wood came out in bits. I gotta think the transoms will last. Transom mounts offer good performance at slow speeds, but often have a loss of detail and in some cases don’t work at all once a boat is on plane, because turbulence created by the hull, transom, and strakes causes interference. There are knees inside the boat but they are not very thick and connect about in the middle of the transom and then to the bottom about six inches from the transom, so far they seem to be holding up fine, no cracks or signs of stress. The chines are flat and widen to 8 inches at the transom, which helps stabilize the sharp V shape of the hull. For slower boats, it’s less critical to Bad News - Wet Transom. The boat was in VA on any Army base, where they even have a boatyard and boat ramp to the Potomac River and I had enjoyed a nice day out on the water (‘brown’ water that it is, LOL!) there. These loads are concentrated on the fiberglass skin and core where the mount is located. Thinking that it might be tough to get all the air out of the layup when bonding them together, and also that it would be tough to get even clamping pressure by stacking weights on the thing, I opted to vacuum bag the transom layup. When can your comprehensive boat insurance policy help you, then? If the engine goes bad because you are involved in a covered accident the insurance company is likely to help you. If not, maybe transom is not as bad as you may think, or core damage may just be in area of transducer screws. If not properly constructed and maintained, dry rot problems may exist. Don’t forget the life rings and especially the transom and forward name boards. The cracks will be in the location between the bilge drain and the botton of the outdrive and they're crescent shaped (they look like smiley faces). You could have a bad transom assembly seal OR a bad U-Joints bellows that is bringing in water at that rate or a completely rusted pivot pin and steering arm that is allowing a lot of water to come in. The transom of this vessel is made of three – yes three – layers of 3/4″ Doug Fir marine plywood. Proper installation of the gimble bearing is critical. For example, repairing an outboard on your boat transom can mean removing the transom top, removing any associated fixtures, digging out bad and rotted wood, letting the interior dry, treating the area, and re-assembling. and caused the wood in my transom too turn to mush (see photos). Larson and Glastron is the same company. Like many of the older Grady's this one has developed water intrusion issues in the transom and hardtop. 5hp SPS Mud Motor was said to run best on a 12′ boat rather than a 14′ boat. The centre line of the transom shown on the profile plan, becomes the centre line of the half breadth view of the expanded transom. The transom is at least 1 3/4" thick. I just tap on the outside of the transom with a small ball peen hammer, & if it sounds hollow I drill a hole through the fiber glass & stick either an ice pick or screw driver in that hole & push, if it goes in easy, it's rotten, if it dosen't go in at all, your ok. I am working on replacing my old wood transom in my Tracker. It's between the transom assembley and the transom of the boat. When the boat is tied to a pier, the cleats transfer the stress from the motion of the water in the dock to the hull. The great forces exerted between the engine and the hull come to a focus at the transom. My question is for those that have had the transom In purging your boat, it is acceptable to use White-Out or some similar obliterating fluid to expunge the boat’s name from log books, engine and maintenance records etc. 0. Sounds pretty simple, and maybe that’s why a drain plug In my case I am only trying to replace the area of rot rather than the entire transom. The Gamefish 25, 27, and 30 have side entry doors, recessed trim tabs, and hydraulic steering as standard equipment as well. I noticed that the transom was really black after a day of running the boat. It's about 1/4" dia. Here in Philly the constant rain has left me 1,073 Followers · Boat Service Pages Businesses Local Service Printing Service Signs & Banner Service Allure Signs & Printing Videos Knot 2 Bad transom boat wrap. I already had one boat that had the transom go bad on it and don't plan on having another one do it. The boat has been sitting all winter in a enclosed storage. What is the good and bad points of adding a aluminum plate to the back of the transom for aded support. “We’ve got a couple of outside tests that were done both with the boat as it was delivered originally with the engines on the transom and then that same boat and motors, with a bracket installed, as a comparison. In my case, I figured if I screwed it up I need a new boat but if I did nothing I needed a new boat. They are also likely to be bad. how bad? 07-13-2020, 11:57 AM Hi all - i've decided to move forward with a 3270 and found a relatively local one (these boats are harder to come across in canada). If this is the case, I would suggest coming up several inches from outer transom bottom and hopefully there is a higher screw, or drill a 1/8" hole approx. If the transom was straight across the top there would be no problem bending the metal, but being the "U" shape the aluminum had to be cut for some of the bends which I filled in with "JB weld". That's a bad thing. While on the water, watch the engine for “jumping” or the transom for significant movement and bowing. Old A22 propshafts work great. Theres a couple of ways to check for rot. The transom is a major structural element of the hull. Not a good idea to run the boat with the bad transom. Solid oak he pointed out. Even a 17-4 propshaft is fine. This boat is a 2006. These boats come ready to fish with standard features such as multiple insulated fishboxes and livewells, cockpit and bow bolsters, all stainless hardware and Yamaha Digital Command Link Gauges. This is what's involved in replacing the transom board on a Lund Barron 21'. ’ These units (especially when used in conjunction with boat buckles) help support the engine, reducing stress levels and ultimately saving unnecessary wear and tear on the boat, motor, and trailer. This boat comes with a factory installed device called "The Wedge". I'm not saying I would not own a boat with a bracket just that I wouldnt eliminate a notched transom. Vinyl coated s-hooks used with boat tie downs help protect your boat from scratches and nicks or any unnecessary damage. The bad news is there's not going to be a thread on replacing a rotten transom on my boat. Or I could fix it myself using one of the new pourable transom repair materials. The floor feels very solid so I don't think the stringers are rotten. Maybe the transom is bad and hollow is some spots but that might not be the actual problem. On an outboard boat, stress cracks on the top and in the corners of the transom are a sign the transom is flexing — not a good thing. Hole centers: Top Plate – 12 7/8" Bottom Plate – 9 7/8" OEM/BulkProduct NameDistributor PackagedABCTSP-1Top I've never been a fan of aluminum anywhere on the transom assembly. The recommended overall size of a boat with a planing hull using a transom mount transducer is less than 30 feet. If you have a wood transom on an alumacraft consider yourself fortunate that you have a transom that works. Just a shame what happens when the bolts and drain plugs arent kept sealed up. I have a 1998 nitro 700lx with a 2003 115 merc. A Brunswick Employee who's been brought in to be the interim head of customer service, and have a conference call with the President of Crestliner. Inside the boat the hose from the tank goes to a brass 90degfitting and then thru the hull. Most guys cut the inside of transom (skin) and remove the core from the inside to maintain the outside hull. If this is your current boat, then its either pay $$$$ for transom job or sell off the outboard motor and The thing is, with older boats, if the transom is bad, there is usually other bad areas in the floor, so just replacing the transom is just a Band-Aid if you go at it with a chain saw. Most marine aluminum is 5xxx series, so easier to weld with 5xxx rod (and cheaper). Trust me on this. re: Boat Guru's - Is this transom cap as bad as it looks? Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 4/29/12 at 7:56 pm to Bleeding purple I thought about typing something about how he might not like what he sees under that cap, but I don't want to share too many boat owners secrets. the additional length of the outboard will cause extra drag on the boat How can you tell if your transom is bad?? Post by baptistpreach » 08 Jan 2009, 08:58 I've heard guys talk about them rotting and such, how can I tell if mine's bad? It is the hose that flexes when the drive is raised or lowered. This is the story. The Solid interior of the transom is a very big part of the boats structural strength. Fair and paint- have a jig to drill new holes in transom and mount motors. After having the boat about 1 year both welds at the transom cracked. you have to remove the top cap and dig all the old wood out of there, 100% of it, using the tool of your choice. . STOP: IF YOU ONLY ORDER 5GL OR LESS YOU MUST CONTACT US. I am saying this as the owner of a 2003 Fountain that needed a new transom with 150 hours on the boat and Fountain refused warranty. Just because it is a aluminum boat does not mean parts can not rot out. USER SINCE 8/12 Getting to the Transom. The fix is to glass on a piece of 1/4" plywood to the inside of the transom. Typically these types of boats are those with outboards, inboard-outboard and jet drives. Here's a small example of what things looked like before I started, cracks highlighted with a Sharpie pen so they're easier to see. I had brought my boat into a Lund dealer to fix my livewell pumps as they weren't working. Pull the motor and a bunch of screws and bolts out of the back of the boat and in about 10-15 hours, you can have the boat back together again. Place your gas outboard on the transom so it cannot touch the rear of the boat when under power. If you don't have enough holes in the transom, drill some, they are easy to fill later. My transom developed crackes near the motor mounts. His new mission is to use his simple formula to help boat owners tackle a lot of these daunting repairs themselves with the help of his how-to videos. If the manufacturer’s defect caused the loss, then you may be able to obtain coverage for that risks as well. To check the transom while the boat is trailered, first make sure the motor is trimmed up. It can hardly be felt with the finger, but a finger nail will catch it. the W would need to be changed and the name should be higher on the transom and have the area name your from…ie three rivers. simple fix. To minimize damage from chafing, tie fenders to the rails of your boat on sides that face a pier or other boat. support of a ‘transom saver. 9. Stringers are the tall (approximately 6"x6" boxes) that run the length of the boat. The transom, I'm ripping out the built in livewell and will build another smaller air box in it's place. The cracks will be in the location between the bilge drain and the botton of the outdrive and they're crescent shaped (they look like smiley faces). If you raise the splashwell elevation, water that gets in the boat stays in until the bilge pump evacuates it. A knocking or clicking noise coming from behind the boat is often the sign of a bad gimble bearing. If the boat is I/O powered, a typical sign of a bad transom is the appearance of stress cracks on the outside of the transom. The new transom is flush straight across, wh I was truly shocked as I thought my boat was worth about $6000 at the time and had just learned that it was worthless and that the water it had been taking on for about three years was not from a bad boat plug but instead holes in the transom and other places where the marine plywood and associated chemicals had eaten away the aluminum. A vertical transom will only be a problem inasmuch as it invites water to splash into the boat, especially when reversing and there is choppy water, of course the bracket rake does not have to match the transom. Ok, I'm just getting back to this project. Boat Transom Replacement For Sale- Near Alexandria - $1 (Evansville) The transom is the structural grade wood that distributes the weight and hp of the motor. What to do? BarCraft Boat Bars are the makers of hardwood custom bars modeled after antique wooden boats. There is no need to fabricate those clamps. This on the lower transom with a 225 Yamaha above and to the right of it. The engine will sit too high. Replacement transom can be difficult to find and locating one that properly fits an old boat can be difficult. Aussie Marine - What to look for when buying a second hand boat If the transom is really bad you will definitely hear a hollow sound in the wet spots. That is a very heavy duty transom. Sure sign that water will also be leaking in! The transom on my boat has some holes that need to be filled which led me to take a closer look at the condition of my transom. This can take a few months depending on how wet the wood is. The good is there is nothing to complicated about what you need to do. Look for bubbles in the gelcoat, scars with fiberglass hanging out, spider web cracks, and long gelcoat cracks. I am having problems with the transom. They may be stressing (even over the road) some areas where the gel coat is very thick, like inside corners etc. Over the next 2mo, I work with 2 customer service people. I had even just repowered from a 115 to a 200 and while changing out the motors there was no flexing or evidence of any problem. The engine probably sits on the stringers. I had a hunch the transom was completely rotten, but was in denial. My boat was gone for nearly 5 months with little or no communication. The bad is it is nothing but pure old manual labour. S. Ughh! Now, you have the perfect name in mind, but you've heard that it's 'bad luck' to change a boat's name. Bad sign. It cruises comfortably at 27 MPH. from what i see it looks like lily is the name? as for the writing style i dont see a style i would pick, but #5s not bad. Water in the transom seems to drain out underway, but the splash is unacceptable. Eventually a transom will succumb to its abuse and weaken to the point that your boat is not seaworthy. to fix your running water though transom seams is to use expoxy , as caulk doees hold up well to exposed areas , 2 to check transom rot by checking your drain plug area and check the color around the ring a dark color means it leaking or soft, sometime u can pull the transom apart and fill with expoxy, or replace the transom and use expoxy to bond ,, depends when u catch it , on my 76 mfg i/o it 40 years old had a small area i fixed with expoxy hope it helps Treated wood of any kind in contact with aluminum is bad news. Their website shows a chain saw removing the wood and thats just what I did. A transom in bad shape. The aluminum transom failure rate pretty much just a question of how much the boat is used. This boat has a custom cover and is stored inside heated garage when not in use. Even for the Lunds that fall in the "bad transom" years for Lund. Your boat dealer or boat builder should be contacted. Repairing a cracked leaking boat transom. I fixed the floor and used the boat. If the shaft is allowed to press against the rear of the boat for a long period of time, it could eventually wear a hole in this area and also harm you outboard shaft. A small head plastic head hammer also will work. Before starting the work I asked the boat yard to confirm that the transom and hull were sound I had all the hardware below the waterline on the transom removed and sealed about four years ago and at that time the transom was dry and the hull was sound. Just my . If the transom bends on top even just a little run. At a tune of $620 for parts and labor, I will go back to the tried and true method of the transom saver. After all, even if you pay $5,000 for a boat valued at $20,000, you’re still going to get taxed on $20,000. Good luck on fixing your splash. How do you know? If you can make the motor rock back and forth, as I could, your transom is rotten. If you look at the transom of a 15-foot Boston Whaler boat you will see that this almost looks like what was done with that hull design. . Worse than the splash is that the fuel line, and the primer bulb, are underwater when the boat is at rest. I have a Stratos with a 150 hp on the back and currently do not use a transome saver. Also, inspect Grady brackets well. Hanging wires are a bad sign. . don't worry about the value of the boat, with a strong transom it'll last you another 30 years or more. It appears that the water runs down the gunwale and on top of the transom that is untreated laminated plywood. Good luck and may it be changed easily and without incident. While my boat never sees freezing weather, many members’ boats do. With no visible signs of water leaking in anywhere. 02 cents. Boat building factories use either vacuum bagging or enormous clamps to press the transom core in the hull. It's a web. , but it is much easier to simply remove the offending document from the boat and start afresh. 8. A transom for a boat with 21”, 23” or 25” pontoons might not work. Is it a bad idea to put a block of wood under the mount on top of the transom and clamp near the lip of the transom? The boat would break in half before the transom let go. The boat is an 07 with the new vec process. Step 2: Gain access to transom skin and core: The next step is to gain access to the transom so you can remove the rot. To properly fix the transom you will need access top to bottom left to right. The T-H Marine® Transom Support Plate boasts high-quality cast aluminum. 1/2" deep into outer hull and see if water comes out at this location. I guess it happens, but this lund is no different than any other lund. If you put one of these in, make sure your inner transom plate doesn't hang over the edges before cutting the wood. Poxnar/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2. What cuase transum problems isn't the engine weight it's the engine weight rocking back and forth flexing the transum mount. Last year the fuel injectors and high pressure fuel pump were replaced. engine on a boat of similar speed. Your transom is wood cored and if you have water coming in through a fitting you have bigger problems. Well, if you leave the bottom of the V sealed, it fills with water, so the hole is needed. Basically G R P DOES contain a little water , and slight local excesses ( or more often , faults in mixing the resin when laying up the hull ) can cause the once-dreaded Osmosis , little blisters There is a stress crack in the gel coat at the crease where the transom meats the boat hull where the motor is mounted. I'm planning to do a transom helm station and want to conceal it out of the way when not in use (I gill net over the transom a lot so can't have things exposed snagging my nets. I own a 2002 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. The transom test as Lundy described above is a traditional one, but will only show a really bad issue. Each boat will be a little different, sometimes you will have to cut the deck, the top cap, side walls or all the above, removal of cap is sometimes necessary in order to reach the entire inside of the transom. The R242 is listed at Tilly's Marine in Huntington Beach for $93,845! Without the electronics we need. if you're going to do it, do it right. The guy I bought it from said the dealership told him not to use one because of the trailer design. You will then press down rather forcefully on the lower unit just above the propeller. If you see a bunch of unkept wires under the console, that means someone has been messing with it. Approximately 15"L x 2-1/8"W. The Solid interior of the transom is a very big part of the boats structural strength. There was absolutly no type of sealer used to seal any joints or screws in the transom. Looked at BOMAR site. It has to transmit the full power of the engine to the rest of the hull, as well as carry the pounding of the hull back to the engine. I have a date set to have the dealer look at it. I have always used a transom save that attaches to the motor and trailer in past. I liked the idea of having a smaller boat too, but I couldn’t go with a Tracker boat because the transom support bracket was right in the middle of the transom. You can call Lund and have them send you the new transom board. You can probe with a piece of stiff wire around the screw holes and see if there is any severe softness. It is a liquid that is poured into the void where the bad wood was. Boat manufacturers only recently switched to a composite transom in 2017. As an outboard or stem drive is progressively raised, the propeller will eventually break the surface of the water. Someone posted that Stratos/Javelin went to complete composite transoms in 1999. Deck and stringer system problems go hand in hand. I literally just did a transom extension on a Jon boat 2 weeks ago, and encountered some of these issues. The lower 1/4 of the transom was rotted, allowing the outer skin to flex. I only put about 10 hours on it last summer before I put it away to begin the winter project. Is bottom reading display better with transom mount vs through hull? 2. I knew the floor was rotten because the former owner had cut most of it out. Bad Boat Drivers has 45,793 members. Not a good idea to run the boat with the bad transom. Transom Mount: These are attached to the back (transom) of a boat hull. The transom must be sufficiently strong when mounting more than an inch above the original transom top. The reason I think it was bad welding is that Premier has made a whole bunch of boats with the same design and I think that we would have had folks chiming in "mine did that too" if it was an inherent problem. Everything works flawlessly. It has to be replaced so that in a manner that allows that structural integrity to remain. If the transom is bad you will see it move back and forth. Check out Andy’s transom repair on this older Whaler! Andy’s methods are straightforward and well explained. All products are artisan handcrafted in the USA. Over time, wear and tear, and exposure to the elements, almost without fail, even the most stoutly built boat will end up with a rotted out transom core. Watch the bracket and bolts as you do this. In 2018, all transoms are made with a composite material (exception of the Renegade/jon boats/Predator have aluminum transoms). To be fair to Lund, many used boats will suffer from rotten transoms. All small orders let us know that you may not know who what is needed-WE CARE! It will be on HOLD until you contact us. Winterize your boat with Seacast™-IT DOESN'T FREEZE. An all aluminum is the way to go, cut the entire transom out and replace with everything new…usually a $400. I dont ever have water in the boat when i remove the drain plug after a day on the lake. I learned a lot about my boat by doing it and am a wiser boat owner because of it. The best way, not the easiest or cheapest, is to remove the inner fiberglass and replace the wood. Boat tie downs are a requirement by some local and state governments. So I must say thank you for your product. A boat rigger’s rule of thumb is that the motor can be raised one inch for each eight to 10 inches of distance between the transom and prop. It is right above the port bunk and there are no other cracks in the transom. Tour transum is stronge enough to support the engine. If there is bad wood or delaminated glass the sound/feel of the mallet will change. My 2013 Aqua Patio 220 DF has similar. Dry Rot is a I've decided to build an extended transom for my 16' welded aluminum fishing boat, here's a couple pictures of it: Here's a picture of the design I like from my buddies boat that I plan to replicate: I've decided to go with a 30" extended transom, to give me some extra running length, and also to take up the weight of the new to me 150hp 2 The boat doesn’t look sleek or racy. This plate distributes the stress of the motor mounting bolts to protect the transom. What is my next step to verify how bad the soaking is in the transom? Bad rot will lead to totally deteriorated wood and a lot of flex in the transom when the outdrive unit is under load. Mounted the Transom elevator on the boat. My friend has a Dehler 33 with an open transom that was designed as a cruiser/racer. I would not put water in the bilge as to get the level high enough to find a transom plate leak, you would need to flood the u-joints and engine starter. And then finally with the boat sitting in the water was able to spot a pretty good trickle if water from what appears to be within the transom asy as opposed to say the bottom edge like a transom asy leak. So here is my plan based on what has been told to me here and research I've done. Sorry about the transom but now is the time to fix it. Like an Aluminum fishing boat isn't supposed to have a transducer mounted to the transom. I bought my very first boat, and didn't know anything about boats. All original and 1 owner, where the family is now on the 3rd generation enjoying the boat. Install fenders on the boat to protect its sides from the pier. Good luck and may it be changed easily and without incident. When inserted in the transom, it prevents water from coming back in. I'm not sure if the transom is cored or fiberglass on the outside with a Plywood interior side. My boat has an outboard so it wasn't that bad. Im going to replace this with a composite transom. 4 However, if the transom is raked, it will need to have its expanded shape drawn. Thinking that it might be tough to get all the air out of the layup when bonding them together, and also that it would be tough to get even clamping pressure by stacking weights on the thing, I opted to vacuum bag the transom layup. I was skeptical when I first poured it, but once it cured I was quite pleased with the strength of your product. You can back either side with copper as suggested and fill the holes, grind smooth. That is a very heavy duty transom. Tthe crack is probably 10 inches long and does not follow a straight path. My mechanic says I can use my boat for an upcoming T as long as I take it easy and don't run WOT and crash through waves. Needless to say, I decided to fix it myself, or at least try to fix it myself. a long shaft out board on a 15" transom is not as much of a concern on a displacement boat or other boats running at displacement speeds (other that the fact that you need more depth of water to run in, but this is a different situation on boats operating at planing speeds. I was surprised to see how much water runs out of the bilge at this angle. Whole boat should move down a little on the trailer. First your motor is pulled, we cut and dig out all the bad wood all while not damaging outer hull of the boat, we then make templates and glue in the new marine grade plywood with an epoxy and finish by laminating it with a new fiberglass shell. If tilt bracket is strong enough use it. They were lighter than the 1436 boats and the 6. Having the cavitation plate too low will cause excess drag and reduced performance at high speeds. I will by 2 sheets of 1/2" marine plywood so that I can use three layers of 1/2" instead of 2 layers of For example, smaller jon boats and bass boats generally have higher motor-to-boat ratios (heavy engine, light boat) and are therefore more susceptible to transom damage. If bad weather hits your boat, it could be damaged by running up against the pier it’s moored to, the pilings that support the pier, or even other boats. In fact, it is to protect the boat's transom, I've been told. You can, plate either side and weld the panel to the transom. An aging boat with laminated plywood in the transom (most new boats use advanced coring materials and lamination processes) is prone to deterioration over time from water seeping into the wood. Looking to add transom lighting to out boat anybody have lights they really like that didn't have a huge price tag? There are several different brands we are looking at: Attwood 5", Malibu OEM 9 series or Coastal Night Lights. Bad Transom Bad Stringers Hull Damage Top » CDS » Repair Videos: Repair Videos: Click a video below to see the progress of the 1968 MAKO repair. When they designed the transom, and how it would affix to the boat, the best engineered drawing resulted in the V pattern seen on almost all pontoons. Next time I would drill as deep but smaller holes. A leaking transom assembly is a common problem found on boats over 10 years old fitted with sterndrives, living permanently in saltwater. Read CMC Marine's Warranty Policy HereTransom Support Plates / Transom Washer PlatesMade of strong 3/8" 6061 T6 alloy aluminum (not cast aluminum), the CMC transom washer can eliminate bolts “biting” into transoms and can more evenly distribute loads on high performance engines. Have always had transom mounted units so painting it was never an issue before this boat. The Solid interior of the transom is a very big part of the boats structural strength. I do not think that little notch in the stringers is a big deal that close to the transom. Eventually a transom will succumb to its abuse and weaken to the point that your boat is not seaworthy. I noticed that the transom was really black after a day of running the boat. so if i read correctly that setup on How the outboard will sit on the back of the boat depends on how the transom is designed. The transom transfers the energy generated by your motor to the rest of the hull, moving your boat through the water. ” The 2017 Red Book lists the following models as having Composite Transoms:-1675 Pro Guide-1775 Pro Guide-1875 Pro Guide-2075 Pro Guide-1675 Impact SS-1675 Impact Sport If the boat is I/O powered, a typical sign of a bad transom is the appearance of stress cracks on the outside of the transom. 11-06-2018, 07:41 PM. I have seen some older boats where you could actually see the pitting and poke a hole through the transom. The engine had the exhaust and oil pump replaced 3 years ago. About 3 layers go around the sides. It has a great feature that solves this issue. 3270 Survey - Transom soft spot. The SEI boat transom repair kit includes a new gimble bearing. While getting the boat ready for the up-coming derby, I saw the name BOMAR in the access anchor hatch deep inside the cuddy. These transoms are built of unsealed/ untreated wood and are very susceptible to rot. Good luck! Re: Glastron boats - good/bad experience?? I have a Larson 204 escape OB. Some boats are equipped with transom-hung outboards while others have a bracket. 5 inches. I got a 2 part epoxy and gave it 2-3 coats. The 1236 where also cheaper than the 1436. This will load up the transom bolts. Replaced my transom several years ago on my 18. When can your comprehensive boat insurance policy help you, then? If the engine goes bad because you are involved in a covered accident the insurance company is likely to help you. 00 and up job depending on the size of boat. 01-14-2007, 10:19 AM. I had to share once I started pulling things apart. The low transom is a safety feature that is designed to keep the powerhead above water, allowing you to throttle up and quickly drain the boat. Group created with the aim to make known to all the potential dangers and risks that there may be at sea. 3. The boat was a repo that I picked up at the end of last summer. Its an aluminum boat with a wood transom. Lowrance Structure Scan: To correctly mount the 2D transducer does it have to above the LSS-1 Transducers if you mount on the transom? When there’s a problem with the transom of your boat, it’s not something that can be ignored for several reasons, not the least of which is that the transom is an integral part of your boat’s design. Carefully research the boat’s value on NADA or call your insurance agent for more information on value. That is a very heavy duty transom. The term drive is interchangeable with motor and engine, so an inboard drive is simply a marine engine enclosed inside the boat. I had a bad transom in my boat. I just had to have major transom work done. If a cleat is near the transom door, the door will affect the load-bearing capabilities and effectiveness of the cleat. kay75. I think that's real bad. 1. Gelcoat doesn't flex at the same rate as the underlying fiberglass layer (fiberglass is more flexible), so stress cracks appeared all over. No other boat manufacturer The boat is in great condition. Toddj . Actually, I should have listened to BCB and never switched to begin with. These boats are made from fiberglass, and they’re designed for rough offshore waters as well as for calmer inshore waters. This got me thinking: If my transom stayed full of water and froze, the expanding ice could do considerable and perhaps irreversible damage. It only had 51 hours on the motor which as you know is really low for a boat that was 5 years old. This is one of the symptoms!Water is leaking out from behind the transom plate on an inboard. TAHOE fiberglass bowriders and deck boats combine quality, fishability and affordability in a lineup of versatile fish and ski, sport, and deck boats. My surveyor checked the boat thoroughly with a moisture meter and these are the only areas affected. Lock the engine in the down position, then grab the lower unit and lift up, trying to swing the engine on it's pivot. It was fixed once locally under warranty soon after the same problem. If you hear a dull thud, The transum has separated from the outside hull, is probably water logged, and is on the down hill side. The boat’s power should match the capability of the boat’s transom. The wood really isn't wood anymore, but loosely assembled wood chips and soggy wads of the remnants of plywood. Re: transom repair Post by govsux » Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:36 pm I don't know how much it costs to have it done but just thought I'd mention I repaired a 20 foot boat transom with a product called 'Seacast' Excellent product!! If you have a transom problem, you'll likely see/hear it when bouncing. First you have to remove the motors and the top cap some rivets must be drilled out. Every situation is very different. With over 50 years of history, it is easy to say what is great about Mako boats and what some of their problems are. PROS • No need to drill into the vessel • No drag; protects transducer from rocks when launching • Will not catch on weeds or marine vegetation Has there been a recent bad run of transducer? 1. Saved a chunk to give to the local dealer that sold us a boat with a bad transom 2 weeks ago. I urge everyone I own a 2002 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. The modified-V boat bottom (usually 17-degrees to 20-degrees at the transom) will therefore burn less fuel, reducing operating costs. They are not recommended for large or twin screw inboard boats as the aerated water from the propeller will reduce performance. Also, aluminum boats are at higher risk of broken welds and popped rivets than reinforced fiberglass transoms. I bought marine grade, expensive, but the boat was in pretty decent shape and wanted to do it right. Is there a difference losing bottom reading with transom mount transducer vs through hull. The transom on a small boat typically supports an outboard motor. Gary Howard Ranger Engineering. That is a very heavy duty transom. The pitting isn't as bad as I thought but it will need to be filled. Within the last two years. Another downside to a bracket is trying to fish around an outboard that is 4 feet behind the transom. Check your boat every spring and reseal where necessary. If you do indeed need a new transom the steps are as follows. Usually, a problem with the boat transom does mean you’re in for either a costly or a labor-intensive repair—or both. If the wood is still structurally sound, there are a number of ways to fix this, without replacing the transom. This is not necessarily true with newer and lighter outboards where weight has gone down and horsepower has gone up. I broke the 'transom plate' - pictured and this allowed the seal to slowly fail - and water to work it's way into the wood. The only issue is, the transom has now gone soft. Of course sticking an icepic into the transom under the motor mount bolts on the inside of the boat works too but the owner may not want you poking his boat and you have to pierce the glass. Not a good idea to run the boat with the bad transom. The transom of this vessel is made of three – yes three – layers of 3/4″ Doug Fir marine plywood. This will be my very first boat repair but this is how I think I may be able to repair it. One strake on each side of the bottom provides lift and spray deflection. The transom of the boat may or may not be vertical. A jet boat doesn't need the wood on the transom for anything but to hang shit, like wire looms and stuff like that If the rest of the transom wood is good, fok it. Thats what i would do. Just wondering what people think of transom savers. White oak is definately the way to go for structural. Rot in a transom may extend to the floors and stringers, they are also likely to be bad. Ideal for sail boats or other larger boats (yachts) that have a transom area large enough for the name and port of your boat. 3. That's my . Is that a big deal, it sounds like it to me? Second does anyone know when the other major brands (Nitro, Ranger, ProCraft) went to all composite. Transom bar The transom is part of the boats main structure. 5 ft Tracker. Eventually a transom will be deteriorated to the point that your boat is not seaworthy. The boat comes with a Garmin Echomap SV 9” with side scan with two transducers. Every situation is very different. I have noticed "pitting" on the transom with a white, powdery "puss looking" secretion coming from the pitted area. This boat comes with a factory installed device called "The Wedge". The boat was a repo that I picked up at the end of last summer. BUT they don't work at all. This needs to be done in a way that When removed from the bottom of your boat’s transom, water drains out. Function. If the manufacturer’s defect caused the loss, then you may be able to obtain coverage for that risks as well. It will also go faster with the same power than a deep-V hull – and, it will also roll less. Unknown to me, the transom was severly rotten. net. REPORT ABUSE. Worst case scenario you will have to replace the wood in your transom in 25 years. If you are not leaving your boat in the water for long periods and are storing it inside between trips. Also small stress cracks in the gelcoat at the ends of the top of the transom indicates flexing under load, another sign of a weak and getting bad transom. No other boat manufacturer I have an 18 foot aluminum boat powered by a 75 HP Honda outboard. Once you can get to the transom from the inside, it is time to cut away that inside layer of fiberglass. Here are the 7 most common problems you may find with Mako boats. I replaced my old boats transom last year. I used your product on the transom in my 1978 Mako 19'6". An expensive lesson for sure. Pontoon Boat Accessories we have it all. Is it rotten or does it need Re: How to tell how bad transom rot is? I'll tell you a story of my rotten transom. 2 months later after running in some moderate 2-3's In short, run away VERY fast from anything saying "needs transom" or "bad transom". Minimal use, it will last a bit longer on the calendar. 1. The motor performed great, ran it for about 2 miles down the lake, and fished some. 02 Finally got the motor back on Friday. I envisioned the engine falling off the back of the boat along with a hunk of the transom! Mako boats have been around since 1967. As usual, the bolt is put through the buckle and trailer hole and the nut started on the back of the hole good so far. Obviously it's all tore apart (engine removed etc) and the repair shop that will “Typically we can improve the boat’s performance,” says Russ Sedlack, vice president of Armstrong. The bad: The included mounting hardware, which consists of two bolts with deformed lock nuts appears to be just what is needed. (I run a 17 1/2 foot PrinceCraft which is famed for its strong hull). Took the boat out last evening, man it feels good. A leaking boat is also In 2017, select models have a composite transom. The effects of the motor’s weight are magnified when the boat is accelerated under normal operating conditions, and when the boat is bouncing along on a trailer. These straps help secure your boat to the trailer and prevent wear and tear to your vessel’s gel coat finishes. The transom is about two inches of the ground and the bow is way up in the air suspended by the winch cable. This device was designed and engineered by Malibu. A notched transom will shed water if you take a green one over the bow. Like 0. I have the old transom core out of the boat. Drill a small hole or two in the lower part of the transom and see if water runs out. I had a marine surveyor complete a full report of this, provided for by Boat U. When the engine is tilted about 45 degrees it's balanced and simply needs to be supported in that position. Most boats have a superstructure that is constructed of wood and then fiber glassed. Long story short, it would have been much easier to just clean the bottom paint off then to replace the thru hull transducer as the boat needs to be out of the water to do it. Hi all, I had my 3218 hauled out to install both bow and stern thrusters plus new paint, prop tune-up, etc. Can't go from a 23' boat (our prior boat) to that size. Transom mounts offer good performance at slow speeds, but often have a loss of detail and in some cases don’t work at all once a boat is on plane, because turbulence created by the hull, transom, and strakes causes interference. Not hard to do except to get the old one out if it is swollen with water. If you need to lose 7 lbs that bad go on a diet. One word of advise, if you take the cap off and the floor out, you had better know what you are doing or you will have a piece of junk. Other boats have transoms and stringers constructed of wood for additional support where needed. That said, if a transom mount is located and mounted properly, it should work fine at slow speeds and still offer 80- or 90-percent performance when on plane. If you’re not experiencing that, then your transom overall is probably okay. Its expansive freeboard sections forward give the boat a rugged, salty profile. sorry no pics. You probably have number of holes in your transom: scuppers, motor well drain, holes for trim tabs etc. It only had 51 hours on the motor which as you know is really low for a boat that was 5 years old. If that transom or transom design couldn't take 260 miles, then there are serious issues with every boat built that way. There was a breach between the deck and the hull due to a defect in mfg. Then you need to remove splash well boxes to gain access to the top of the bad board. Offset transom hung anchors induce too much sway, even with the paddles fixed in the current? There are many things that can affect the sensitivity of your fishfinder, such as a transducer going bad, the transmitter losing power, corroded connections on the unit, or even just barnacles growing on the bottom of the transducer. Both are around 550mm in transom length. well, being a utility i would go with real gold paint with a contrasting outline. I literally had this out a week ago fishing on Seneca. (Into boat and out of boat. If you think your transom needs only (1) 5-Gl kit you MUST email photos of your boat to info@transomrepair. I run periodically in the salt water with the rig being about 6 years old. Probably the 3rd or 4th hole from the bottom, depending on the outboard. I mistakenly thought such a piece was to protect the motor. Boats with modified-V bottoms span the gambit from sportboats to express cruisers and even to some motoryachts. The new owner should never have an issue with it for the life of that boat. Even after getting the transom checked over :( This is a serious problem, and if you’re buying a used boat, the transom is an area that you’ll want to thoroughly inspect before you bring the boat out onto the water. You really think you will still have your Element in 25 years? pulnaway. Common on bass or high performance boats are Transom Tie-Down Straps. Very few will make an exception if the exhaust goes through the transom. Good news is they can make a replacement; bad news is that minimum order is 10. All we having the correct shaft length is the best idea. I owned a 90 HP Evinrude for 12 years, trailered it all over, and, frankly, never heard the words "transom saver" and one was never recommended by our dealer. A wood core transom is not the end of the world. I ran the boat at home but could find no leak, at least at the rpm I could run at home. The crease right below the two holes that let the water out after you come off plane. Pontoon & Boat cupholders, boat lighting, ladders, marine hardware, boat covers, swim raft, marine grill, dock rope, recreational storage box, propeller, boat cleaning products and so much more stuff! . I explored a leaking drain plug and ruled that out. If this is "where you're at": You just found your dream boat (got a good deal on it) but when you walked around to the stern, it had a horrible boat name plastered on the transom. I have about $200 in the project, to rebuild the transom, but the transom on this boat is a simple rectangle 40"wide and 20" high. The most common problem with the transom on a fiberglass boat is the rotting of the wood sandwiched between the inner and outer fiberglass. The boat has a custom designed removable locker that can be installed across the aft end of the cockpit, converting it from an open transom boat into what is basically a standard transom boat with a swim platform. 5/16/11 @ 7:59 AM. Separating the two halves will make this easier. Also allows the ability to check out rest of structure since the boat started to sink. If I had $100,000 I'd be able to get exactly what I want in a boat, and have change left over for half a tank of gas. My 1995 Tyee never had any appearance of a problem. BUT over the transom exhausts are absolutely positively not accepted by those common carriers. Have you ever heard of "Seacast"?. I used the Seacast product and it worked. This might seem like a "quick fix" but it's quite normal, and just like the factory did it in my boat. The transom of this vessel is made of three – yes three – layers of 3/4″ Doug Fir marine plywood. It used to be true that if you went with a higher horsepower motor you were also adding weight to the transom that could affect the balance of the boat. Sounds crazy but it worked great. The center section of the transom and the top corner gussets were what I was more worried about. Interestingly enough, I couldn't "hear" this rot from the outside like most people suggest (knock on the transom and listen for different sound in specific areas). Rot in a transom may extend to the floors and stringers. The rot on my boat starts from the top and then stops about 4-5" from the bottom of the floor. However, this idea to “name my boat” is becoming more and more popular with all types of boats (fishing/bass boats, pontoon boats, speed boats, ski boats and even personal water crafts). boat transom bad